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Introduction MHI corporation



Mr. Yataro Iwasaki is  Mitsubishi company founder.

In 1888. Mr.Yatora had established the first shipyard named Nagasaki shipyard and Machinery Work and started operate with large scale


The First General Headquaters. Yataro Iwasaki


After that, This shipyard has renamed Misubsihi shipbuilding Co.Ltd.

In 1934, This shipyard renamed again Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co.Ltd and become the largest company in Japan where bussiness heavy machines, manufacture ship, Plane and wagons.

After many  dissolution and separatee. Until 1964 the companies was consolidated and taking name  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

By 1988, Mitsubishi heavy industries - Mahajak air conditioners or another name MACO  was established - Current it is one of the leading Air conditioner factory in Thailand

MHI's target bring comfortable space with the advanced product as well as outstanding function : Saving energy - Environmentally safe - Easy using

MHI product has been certificate by the international standard as:


Quality Certification

The Currently, Mitsubishi heavy product has been sold in most of the country in the world and has a solid position on the market with Air Conditioner.