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Vision and Mission



Market's demands for Air conditioner products with outstanding quality, applying advanced technologies together with good customer services are rising. Therefore, Hai Li company target to become professional air conditioner supplier and service. We try our best to satisfy all high requirement from end users.

Thanks to that, we achieve double sale volume grow in 2020 and move up to next developing years from 2021 -2025 with many new challenging targets.



>> To maintain balance of profit and realistic benefits among related sides:  Hai Li - Customers / Dealers network and end-users.

In which, end users must be able to enjoy best quality products at best reasonable price

Hai Li and Customer / Dealers must be in a relationship which is good for both sides.

>> We develop Hai Li become potential and high valued partner to suppliers.

>>  We build Hai Li become a warm and happy house, all members stay closed  together for reaching company's target.